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  • Adeplast Factories

    Adeplast Factories yield an annual production of over 1,150,000 tons of dry mortars and paints and 2,250,000 m³ of polystyrene on the platforms in Oradea, Ploiești and Roman.

  • Latest News

    Aeria with PORUS X.
    Water doesn’t pass through, the wall breathes Innovation for healthy walls, exclusively at Adeplast.

  • Domestic Partners

    Over 180 partners across the country provide the most competitive construction materials for finishing.

  • Düfa–AdePlast Partner

    In March 2013 AdePlast took over Düfa operations in Romania and Bulgaria.

  • Schomburg–AdePlast Partener

    In August 2013 AdePlast took over Schomburg operations in Romania, a chess move for the market of special products.

  • Neopor –AdePlast Partener

    In 2012 BASF concluded a cooperation partnership with AdePlast, by which it owns the exclusive license for the use of Neopor expandable polystyrene trademark.

  • Politerm –AdePlast Partener

    AdePlast is partner of Politerm in Romania and produces adhesives for polystyrene, polystyrene premix-es with dry plasters.

  • Reference Projects

    Major works and constructions executed with AdePlast materials.
    Modern and durable finishing exclusively by AdePlast technology.

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